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Yoga Books
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Quality Yoga Reference Texts
To Guide Your Practise

This will be an ever growing selection of quality yoga texts that I  recommend to my students.

As the years go by there are so many authors trying to get in on the act and failing miserably.

Be warned just because someone owns a yoga school or is a 'famous' teacher does not mean that they or their publisher can write or produce a useable, informative, quality, book.

Where reading can be helpful is in conveying ancient wisdom and knowledge, the whys and the wherefores.

When I am teaching I supply a source to educate not to tell my students what or who to believe.

Those decisions are for each individual to make.

Asana texts with still photography are not going to help you become a gymnast. That is where the role of moving pictures still reigns supreme.  However, just because you can see it can be done, does not mean you should be attempting to do it. Why? Practise without a quality teacher and you will find out the hard and potentially dangerous way.  Experience brings knowledge. That's what over thirty years of yoga and twenty years of teaching practise brings.

Below are a foundation offering for asana, pranayama, yoga anatomy, yoga nidra and classical yoga texts.  They should help you greatly. Enjoy.

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