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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Courses via Zoom In North Lincolnshire.

I am excited and grateful to be able to offer Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Courses  and training online via Zoom here in North Lincolnshire.

My in person classes usually take place in Scunthorpe and Brigg in North Lincolnshire. Working online allows access from anywhere in the world!

This adaptation from in person learning springs from a need presented by the current global covid-19 virus health crisis.

Adaptation to online working may prove helpful for professionals in law, the NHS, sportsmen and women, actors, musicians, music studios.

Here bespoke training and practise of varying time measure may be required.  I am happy to adapt, please do contact me to arrange something.

I want to reassure you that your health and well-being is upheld as paramount  in preparation and throughout the course.

I have adapted my initial assessment process to take account of the new format. It is important for course leader and participants to know if it is the best time for all to take part in the course.  I will communicate with each individual to ensure your comfort and understanding prior to and throughout the course.

Extra time allocated to answering any questions you may have and offering guaranteed extra communication I feel will boost confidence and learning within the experience.
About the Course
The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)  programme from its conception has evolved into the most scientifically proven to help people cope  better with stress, depression and anxiety.

The online course consists of eight, 2-hour sessions  and a full-day retreat. Through guided meditations, group dialogue,  individually tailored instructions and home assignments, you will learn  the essential principles of mindfulness and techniques to build your  personal home practice and access the wide-ranging benefits well beyond  the course  

The key learning points include:
  • Formal and informal mindfulness meditation practices, involving using breath and body as the focus of awareness of  our experiences in the present moment
  • Studying the physiology of stress and developing skills to help manage challenging situations more effectively
  • Learning how science  interprets thinking and how we may adapt mindfully to what we find when we become stressed
  • Becoming more mindful, what this means and beginning to understand how change may evolve through our practise
  • Developing practical self-care tools to help us thrive, perform at our best, and build resilience

Course Materials
  • A detailed electronic version of our course workbook, which will cover the theory of each session and provide details of the home practice
  • Downloadable guided meditations for the home practice
  • I am available at any time for any questions that come up between sessions.

Online Format
Having experienced online delivery I know this  medium can offers strong and meaningful connection  with the practices and group, from the convenience and comfort of your  own space This online fomat offers the same practices, exercises, teacher and small group, just as you would find in a person to person meeting
  • This class will be held on a web-based platform (Zoom).
  • The teacher and participants will be live and visible at various  times. There will be group and one-to-one interaction as you would  expect in a traditional classroom setting
  • Registrants will receive the opportunity to practise with the software and establish connection in good time in weeks leading up to the course

Zoom/Computer Requirements:
You will need:

Details of forthcoming courses coming soon!
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