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Learn To Meditate
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Learn To Meditate Via Zoom Day Time Or Evening
From Here In North Lincolnshire

A half-hour practise that will provide relaxation in your lunch time
Take a break in your day
and refresh
About the Session

The online practises will allow all participants to develop an ability to meditate. From simple breathing techniques to the use of guided meditations, a skill base will develop over the weeks of practise leading to increasing ability to concentrate and an accompanying growth in the value of the outcomes of these practises.  

The key learning points include:

  • Formal and informal mindfulness meditation practices, involving using breath and body as the focus of awareness of  our experiences in the present moment
  • Helpful information on the physiology of stress and developing skills to help manage challenging experiences
  • Learning how science  interprets thinking and how we may adapt mindfully to what we find when we become stressed
  • Developing practical self-care tools to help us thrive, perform at our best, and build resilience

The skills I will present are delivered from a secular perspective and incorporate many recognised relaxation techniques learned from my training in counselling.
Adaptation to online working may prove helpful for professionals in law, the NHS, sportsmen and women, actors, musicians, music studios.

Here bespoke training and practise of varying time measure may be required.  I am happy to adapt, please do contact me to arrange something.
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